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Advanced Bleeding Control™

WoundClot® is a single use sterile and bio absorbable medical device, made from regenerated cellulose, which can be fabricated into a variety of forms to suit a variety of wounds in the control of bleeding. Upon application and contact with blood, the product’s molecular structure changes to form a gelatinous membrane, which adheres to the wound creating a barrier to immediately reduce blood flow. Next, platelets from the injury attach to the gauze by inter-molecular forces to form a stable membrane, which is able to withstand severe arterial and venous blood flow for hours.


We understand the need for innovative new products to meet clinical needs in a modernized health service while reducing HCAI’s (Health Care Associated Infections).  New innovations like MedMat will facilitate a sustainable improvement in clinical standards ultimately helping you to meet your challenging goals and targets more quickly.  MedMat®, a 510K medical device has been designed to provide clinicians with a modern device for undertaking dressing changes and clinical evaluation, proven that MedMat® is suitable for a broad spectrum of clinical processes.  It protects patients and clinicians by providing a clean environment in which to carry out any procedure requiring a sterile field.   The unique two layer system is designed to provide a more aseptic approach and provide a barrier to cross contamination.    

EMPACT Trauma/Tactical Bag

The only Tactical and Medical combined kit wrapped into one antimicrobial bag where survival and quick response can mean the difference between life and death.  The exterior of the bag itself is treated with Defense Shield™ X-500 an antimicrobial coating that protects the contents against microorganisms.  The bag allows individuals caught in a crisis to barricade themselves in a room and administer first aid/stopgap treatment where necessary until professional help arrives.
The robust kit has the tools and flexibility to provide individuals with a rapid response to mass casualties and/or to be downsized for 2 to 4 casualties with a defense response component built in. Customization available for quantity orders.  Designed for military, government agencies, EMS, police, schools, institutions, universities, and corporations.

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Priority Environmental Solutions

Where Medical and Tactical Come Together

Priority Environmental Solutions Inc., is an American Indian Women Owned, Business Enterprise, headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin, specializing in products that promote tactical first aid, advanced bleeding control, safety, infection control, and space decontamination. The military, commercial, and consumers throughout the world use the PRO1TEK® brand, which provides a multitude of products when health, hygiene, and safety are of the utmost importance.  PRO1TEK® products are designed specifically to provide safe environments, whether it is preventing cross contamination and infection or providing tools for active shooter events, we strive to provide quality products that make a difference.