Advanced Bleeding ControlTM

WoundClot® is a single use sterile soluble hemostatic dressing, made from cellulose, which can be fabricated into a variety of forms to suit a variety of wounds in the control of bleeding. Upon application and contact with blood, the product’s molecular structure changes to form a gelatinous membrane, which adheres to the wound creating a barrier to immediately reduce blood flow. Next, platelets from the injury attach to the gauze by inter-molecular forces to form a stable membrane, which is able to withstand severe arterial and venous blood flow for hours.

About the Product

  • Sterile, water-soluble hemostatic gauze for control of traumatic bleeding.
  • For external bleeding control of superficial wounds, minor cuts, and abrasions.
  • The only hemostatic gauze that contains a unique gel that adheres the product to the tissue; thus,  requires sight compression application of external pressure on the wound site.
  • The liquid uptake capabilities: over 4000 times its own weight.


  • Traumatic bleeding and severe trauma
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Wound Care
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Sports Medicine


  • Light compression application
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting
  • Easy to remove
  • Conforms well to irregular surfaces
  • No known side effects
  • **Rapidly Clots Blood Under Anti-coagulate Agents