• WoundCleanse™  is a safe effective management for immediate care of minor-skin cuts, abrasions, minor rashes, and lacerations.
  • WoundCleanse™ HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) is a 100% natural, aseptic,anti-inflammatory product with proven accelerated healing capabilities.  
  • Wounds heal as much as 66% faster by reducing the bio burden and keeping the wound bacteria free.
  • Wounds treated and dressed with WoundCleanse™ HOCL heal more rapidly with dramatically less scaring, and less discomfort, than alternative solutions.
  • WoundCleanse™ comes in a Variety  of forms.
  • Available in OTC and RX

WoundCleanse™ provides an ultra clean wound bed without being necrotic, or interfering with the natural migration of Neutrophils. Provides hydration and oxygen to the wound in a non-sensitizing aqueous base. Stable Hypochlorus Acid insures the sterility of the product.    WoundCleanse™ incorporates easily into appropriate wound care protocols.