Surface Wipes

A multi-purpose wipe that has corrosion inhibitive properties.  Shows non-corrosive properties on steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals. Removes the need for the use of multiple surface cleaners!

  • Makes daily clean-up easy and fast.
  • Anti-corrosion properties.
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and works well on carbonate plastics.
  • Can be used across a multitude of surfaces and equipment; gym equipment, firearms, sports equipment, countertops, chairs, tables, wheelchairs, bed rails, any surface that needs to be clean - including tennis shoes.
  • Cleans surfaces with hard to remove debris in less time and leaves stainless steel shining without the filmy build-up.
  • Designed for the military and marine industry, yet have a wide variety of applications across a multitude of industries and households.
  • Not intended for use on the body.