Benefits - MedMat®

  • Patented sterile procedural mat that helps to standardize procedures and assist first responders

  • Provides a unique double layered sterile device which has an integrated waste bag, helping to provide a barrier to cross contamination 

  • Integrated sealable waste bag for collection of all non-sharp waste created during the first response.

Sample Uses

  • Wound care and emergency response
  • Absorption of body fluids
  • Infection control and protection of respondent and victim

Concerns with alcohol based hand sanitizers in schools

Active shooter - response instructions

PRO1TEK Foaming Hand Sanitizer

  • Fights germs on contact and decreases bacteria on the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, fresh and clean
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for children
  • Helps reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause cross contamination 
  • Alcohol free

Sample  Uses

  • Use as hand sanitizer

  • Great use in schools and daycares for staff and students

Our chemicals are manufactured and packaged in the USA

  • The only Tactical and Medical combined kit wrapped into one antimicrobial bag where survival and quick response can mean the difference between life and death.
  • The kit allows individuals caught in a crisis to barricade themselves in a room and administer first aid/stopgap treatment where necessary until professional help arrives.
  • The robust kit has the tools and flexibility to provide individuals with a rapid response to mass casualties and/or to be downsized for 2 to 4 casualties with a defense response component built in. Customization available for quantity orders.

  • Designed for military, government, schools, institutions, universities, and corporations, etc.

  • The kit is packaged by an 8a organization on behalf of a MBE/WBE.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the patented pending kit, contact us for more information and pricing (262)232-8790 or email

Where Tactical and Medical Come Together



Schools, daycares and other child care facilities are notorious for being a breeding ground for all type of microbial growth. Parents understandably are concerned about putting their child in an environment that will result in sicknesses and infections. At the same time, in many daycares, a child being sick is fairly common.

Many illnesses in schools and daycares are caused by bacterial infections rapidly spreading among children. Daycares are especially prone to them because of many factors:

  • Small children lack simple hygienic practices, including hand washing and not putting things in their mouths. In a daycare setting, failure to heed these practices, while near other potentially sick children, places kids at increased risk. 
  • An immature immune system that defends poorly against new infections makes small children more prone to new infections to which they have not been exposed.