MedMat® is a patented sterile procedural mat that carries out a broad spectrum of clinical procedures requiring a sterile field.  The unique two-layered patented system, with an attached waste bag, is designed to lead to a more aseptic approach to infection control and provide a barrier to cross contamination.  MedMat® has been designed with a customized, highly absorbent, non-permeable top layer and an absorbent, non-permeable bottom layer in which to separate the "clean" and "dirty" stages of a procedure.

  • Offers clinical protection with a two-layer system that enables compliance with aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT), separating the "dirty" from the "clean" elements of the procedure.
  • Improves the patient experience by reassuringly containing all the waste created during the procedure in one "zone" and maintaining a clean and orderly environment.
  • Consistent approach, you can recreate the same clean clinical area for each patient, in each setting, for each procedure, thus providing a method and tool for standardization of a procedure with your clinical, surgical and/or response team.
  • Mitigates the risk of cross contamination and provides a barrier to infection forming an important addition to your armory in the battle against Hospital Care Acquired Infections. 
  • Provides a dual layered barrier system by isolating the surface on which you are conducting the procedure from the bacteria and biofilms that may be imbedded on them.
  • Unique and easy to use, ergonomically designed to simplify and standardize processes, encourages good practice and leads the clinician through the steps of the procedure to assist with consistency.

Benefits of using the MedMat®:

  • Easier isolation of waste with attached integral, sealable waste bag
  • More efficient fluid absorbency
  • Maintains a sterile field and works to prevent cross contamination
  • Aseptic approach and good practice
  • Improves procedure time
  • Protects patients from biofilms on surfaces
  • Higher quality for better results, yet cost effective!


MedMat® 700 (21.5" W x 17.5"L)

MedMat® 1100 (33.5" W x 27.5"L)

MedMat® 3000 (48" W x 96" L)