Where Tactical and Medical Come Together

Don't Be a Victim

[Treat - Secure - Defend]

EMPACT - Emergency/Medical/Passive/Active/Counter Measure/Tool Kit.  EMPACT Kit's are the only Tactical and Medical combined kit wrapped into one antimicrobial bag where survival and quick response can mean the difference between life and death.  

The kit allows individuals caught in a crisis to barricade themselves in a room and administer first aid/stopgap treatment where necessary until professional help arrives.

The robust kit has the tools and flexibility to provide individuals with a rapid response to mass casualties and/or to be downsized for 2 to 4 casualties with a defense response component built in. Customization available for quantity orders.

Designed for military, government, schools, institutions, universities, and corporations, etc.

The kit is packaged by an 8a organization on behalf of a MBE/WBE.